Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Belfry is Clean

Remember our bats?

We have been visited at least three times.  The first time, our dearly beloved Morgan cat alerted us to the existence of the winged creature in our bedroom when he started running like a crazy cat all over the bed.  We turned on the light--a bat!  It was the middle of the night, but we managed to get someone in pest control on the phone to advise us to trap it in a cardboard box against a flat surface.  And brave Mama did (spiders, she won't do; bats, no problem.)  In truth, we were more worried that the cat would get it and get rabies or something, so we locked him out of the room--he desperately beat at the door, no doubt sure he was much better qualified to catch the thing.

The second bat visit was much the same, but I think Morgan was no longer with us by then.  Again, Mama trapped and released it.

The third bat was last year.  We never saw it, only I heard it flapping and saw a shadow of something overhead in the air conditioner return as I was walking to the bathroom around 10 pm one night.  Ugh.  We figured the first bat got in when we had the chimney fixed; the second when we re-roofed.  But we don't know how the third got in.

We had the bat excluders out soon after that to seal the attic.  Did you know a bat can squeeze anywhere the tip of a pencil will fit?  Just like a mouse.  They were very humane excluders--they have to be because there are laws protecting bats and their young.  No bats were harmed in the process, well, if you don't count becoming homeless.

And so we needed the attic cleaned once the bats were excluded, but with Mama's surgery and all, last summer turned out to be too overwhelming.  And so they attic cleaners came this week.  Apparently, there wasn't a lot of guano--there never was a colony in our attic, just a few random bats.  In fact, most of the mess was from the roofers who replaced our roof and left all their detritus in the rafters as well as the previous occupants who abandoned window screens, old doors, a couple of huge wooden ladders, and tons of planking up there.  So, the attic people cleaned it all up, sprayed anti-microbial stuff, and even replaced the very old insulation.  Now maybe our roof won't be the first on the block to lose its snow cover!  And I won't have to think I live under that bridge in Austin with the millions of bats.

There was one wonderful thing they found in the attic, but that's my next post.

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