Friday, May 17, 2013


"When it's time to eat, you eat!" Sis declared, gobbling first the legs and tail and then the body of her bunny-shaped bread.

We'd spent the afternoon at the Brownie troop's mother-daughter baking extravaganza.  The girls had decorated paper chef's hats with cupcake-liner flowers and then made similar corsages for their moms.  After taking portraits of each pair, we started shaping our dough, which one of my co-leaders had made.  Sis made a lovely detailed bunny and I shaped my bit into a pretzel.  (You might recall that Sis likes to make Whimsy Bread Bunnies.) We both powdered them with cinnamon sugar.

While they baked, we all went outside for a relay, with the girls racing to don chef's hat, apron, and mitt and to carry hard-boiled eggs across the yard on a wooden spoon.  After some freeplay, we all went inside to enjoy our bread with jam, honey, and/or butter.

Because "when it's time to eat, you eat," which is why this is not a great picture:

recipe to follow soon

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  1. So fun! What a great idea! I might have to steal. We really should sit down and share our plans for our troops.