Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Offline Today and Tomorrow

Because of contractor work in the attic, I'll be offline most of today and tomorrow except what I can manage quickly by smartphone (I still type from a lying-down position and can't do that anywhere but the bed easily.)

Things to tell:

  • Our great Memorial Day trip to Philly, including Betsy Ross house, Ben Franklin printshop, lunch at City Tavern, and . . .
  • Bud's kung fu tournament
  • with Goo
  • Also, my latest back spasm (which is already clearing and wasn't nearly so bad as the disk/tailbone problems)
  • "Martha Slept Here"
  • the attic clean up and the discovery of the $500 Bond Bread sign!
  • finished reading Quiet and my thoughts on introvertism-extrovertism


  1. are you doing something awesome in the attic (making a room, etc.) or regular maintenance type stuff?

    1. Unfortunately, Shelley, it's the bat guano clean-up we delayed from last summer. We have already humanely excluded the bats (and didn't catch a one) and now are cleaning up the mess in the attic, including old insulation, detritus from roof replacement, and almost 100 years worth of junk--there were doors, screens, and ladders up there!

  2. Eewwww. Glad you won't have to deal with that any longer.