Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pen and Paper

With it being that time of year for recitals and competitions, the kids are finding themselves waiting for and then sitting through long performances, not only by their sibling, but by lots of other kids, too.  Sometimes,  it's more than even the most attentive and patience eight-year-old can handle.  So, they've been carrying around paper and pencil to entertain themselves.  And they're not (quite) missing the DS!

Most of these are two-person games, but some are single player:

  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Hang Man
  • make-your-own Word Search
  • Dots and Boxes:  cover a page in a grid of dots; making one line at a time, create squares and claim them with your initial
  • Triangles:  like Dots and Boxes, but instead of a grid of dots, you make a random smattering of dots and then take turns drawing lines to create and claim triangles.
  • Connect Four:  draw a grid of 6 down and 8 across; taking turns building up from the bottom (think of gravity and the 3D game you've played), try to line up four of your squares in a row.
  • Bulls and Cows:  like Mastermind, the goal is for the player to guess the opponents' code.  Choose four digits (or anywhere between 3-6) and have the player begin to write down guesses.  Each time, the opponent indicates "bull" if the number is right AND in the right space or "cow" if it's just the right number until the player figures it out.
  • Search and Find:  write the number 1-100 (or more) randomly in lines and rows on a sheet of paper; then, take turns finding the numbers in order.
  • Heads, Bodies, and Legs:  mix and match drawings of body parts using folded paper cut into thirds.
  • Okay, what is the name of that game where you try to form as many words from another long one as you can??
  • Start-a-picture:  one person draws a line; the other makes it into a recognizable object or scene.
  • Draw together:  take turns adding one line to a drawing until it's finished.
  • Drawing--both kids like to draw pictures, cartoon characters, or whatever is in front of them
  • Writing--stories, poems, a letter, whatever.
  • Origami
  • Paper airplanes
  • Cootie Catcher
Do you have any others?

Other ideas here (pen and paper games for the computer) and here (math games) and here (things to do in the car with paper, like road trip Bingo), here (pencil and paper games booklet pdf), here (three word games from Scrabble), here (from Grandparents.com, including Celebrity), and here (random paper games, like Battleship, M.A.S.H., and Consequences, like Mad Libs).

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