Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Fun: Wet Behind the Ears

I started aqua therapy today in an attempt to become more comfortable in the water.  Not comfortable as in "able to swim" but actually physically comfortable.  I swam before I walked, apparently, even being pictured, I think, in the local YMCA brochure in the baby class.  I loved to swim at the neighborhood pool and was even on the swim team for awhile (during which I collected one of each color of ribbon--Mom and Dad tell how excited I was to get a fourth place, completing my set!  I never was sports competitive.)  But swimming has been painful--I feel like all of my joints come undone and just float around, due to the lack of muscle strength but more to the hyperflexibility.  And then my joints don't always go back right.  Now, this is more of my experience of swimming than an actual diagnosis, of course; I just know it is uncomfortable.

So the goal is to learn some movements in the pool to minimize the discomfort and strengthen my muscles so that I can actually swim again.  Today, this involved walking forward and backwards and merely hanging from a floating noodle, which was much harder than it sounds for me.  At this rate, it will be MONTHS before I'm actually swimming again.  That's okay.  I'm happy even to be working on it.

Bud swam while I had my appointment . . . and then swam again at his lesson not long after.  His swim teacher said he has a great freestyle stroke for a nine-year-old and that she expects he'd be good on a swim team by high school.  She even told him he should try to be a life guard.  He didn't really pay much attention to her, enjoying trying to do the splits on the bottom of the pool!  It was nice to hear (and a relief) that both Bud and Sis (who is at day camp this week) have strong muscles.  Maybe they'll be spared aqua therapy in thirty years.

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