Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Fun: Camping Tonight*

(*Okay, who among you thought of "Tenting Tonight," the old Civil War song?  It's one of Mama's favorites.  I'm guessing maybe only Pop.)

Sis is away for the next 36 hours and I have to keep reminding myself not to pick her up from camp in an hour.  For the first time, now that she is going into fourth grade, she can elect to stay for the weekly overnight at her day camp.  And she did.  It sook a little discussion--she was nervous about not having Shirt until we reminded her she went to England for two weeks without him, and then she didn't want to eat the pasta dinner until I called to make arrangements to send along an extra sandwich for dinner.  

And so now she's off.  We got extra batteries for a flashlight, rolled up her sleeping bag in a small bundle she'll never be able to duplicate, sent along the (almost always unnecessary) sweatshirt, and packed little love notes in her bag.  We even had the purple plastic soap holder that I think I used to take to camp as a counselor in high school.  (Ah, memories of cold showers under the big, starry Texas sky!)  

Truly, I kinda wish she could've backed me along in the bag, too.  As I've said numerous times, camp was one of the golden memories of my childhood--I went to day camp by bus that left from the local Luby's parking lot as a little kid and then later overnight camp at Camp Robinwood, Camp Agnes Arnold (twice), and Camp Casa Mare, plus a weekend at Peach Creek with my troop in unusually freezing February weather (it got down to 27F and we all thought we were going to die!), and then counseled at Camp Mira Sol (three or four summers), the Boy Scout Camp Strake (oh, the chiggers!), and then at a day camp near Kukyendahl, which name I forget (all the camps I counseled at were for children with special needs.)  

Mama, however, didn't go to overnight camp, except one memorable pre-college experience after she graduated from high school.  And she found sending Sis off this morning (and Bud next week for an overnight at kung fu) really tough.  But I"m so proud of Mama for not breathing a word of her worries and not only letting but encouraging Sis to go.  I'm not sure I would easily be able to do the same thing.  

So I'm proud of both my girls tonight and hope it goes quickly for one and wonderfully for the other.

UPDATE:  There are thunderstorms in the area tonight but a call to camp reassured us that the girls were having fun in safety, with a campfire under a pavilion!  There are also offices to sleep in if the tents aren't feasible.

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  1. What are you worried about? In 1943 I and a number of others went camping in a park to the west of London, there was a war on and bombing could be expected. After a camp fire sing song we all went off to bed in our canvas tents and as expected the sirens went off about 10:30, then came the anti aircraft fire. Not too noisy but if the high explosive shell missed the target, usually, the red hot shrapnel pieces about an inch cube, fell to the ground. They could easily penetrate a tile or wood roof and a canvas tent would present no difficulty whatsoever. There was NO prospect of my parents or any other contacting the camp by phone, forgoodness sakes this was wartime England, the troops barely had radio. Messages were passed by despatch rider. After about half an hour the leaders decided we should go to an air raid shelter so we took our sleeping bags and kit to the basement of a nearby house...a one time Rothschilds Mansion and spent the night there in reasonable safety. The next morning the tents were found to be unharmed, no crashed bombers either.