Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer Fun: More S'mores!

Tonight we had our own backyard campfire cookout, practicing all my Girl Scout skills.  In our new fire pit (alas the old one was destroyed in the garage accident), we set up and started the perfect A-frame fire, after discussing fire safety, the three requirements of a fire (fuel, oxygen, and a spark), the three kinds of firewood (tinder, kindling, and fuel), and setting up a water bucket with a fire stick soaking.  Then, with no paper, no firestarter, just a few extra matches because of the wind (yes, even in the fire pit), I got it lit.  Let the fun begin!

Sis sorted the firewood

The beginning of our campfire

The meal was a bit cattywampus, starting with s'mores.  Then we made our pocket stew dinners--with hamburger patty, onion, mushrooms, peppers, carrots, potatoes, seasoned with Maggi and garlic powder--in foil pouches.  While those cooked for about 30-40 minutes in the coals, we roasted doughboys (crescent roll dough) on sticks, dipping the finished product in sugar.  Then we got to eat the foil packets--yum!  There was even a whole extra packet of vegetables that we all shared; campfires make you hungry!  We had more s'mores and doughboys for dessert, plus banana boats.

The kids did wonderfully well helping with the fire and the cooking.  Sis especially seemed to like to gather wood, feed the fire, and stir things with the soaking fire stick.  Both enjoyed collecting fuel.  Bud liked to pretend he was a witch summoning dark powers; mostly he managed to summon the smoke in his direction (so much for "smoke follows beauty!?!)  He said he wished we could have lit the fire under the giant fire pit and used it like a bubbly cauldron.  We sang a couple of songs, as campfires almost require it, but had done most of our singing and storytelling at our hurricane party two nights before (we turned off the lights, sat around some candles, watched the lightning, sang songs, told stories--NOT ghost stories; I told the tale of the rescue dog Balto--and ate from our stash of snacks, really glad it wasn't truly a hurricane.)

We stayed outside until late, watching the embers die down, and then separated them and sprinkled them with water until they were cool to the touch.  Even the firepit was cool by the time we were done.  And then, with no more smoke, the bugs came out--and our evening came to a close.

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