Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer Fun: Birthday Weekend

You know we like to do birthdays up big around here.  This year's was no exception.

Friday:  Celebrations started very early, with kiddos piling into our room at 6 a.m. to open presents.  We had said it was okay because we had to squeeze it in before Sis headed off to camp.  And so they were thrilled with all their Minecraft, Lego, arts and crafts, and Doctor Who presents.  They also got early calls from both sets of grandparents.

Eyeing a friend's watch for 8:12, on the bus, Sis told her friends she just turned nine.  At home, Bud had me watching the clock so I could wish him a happy birthday right at 8:13.

While Sis was at camp winning a first-place ribbon in horseback riding, Bud had a day full of doing whatever he wanted, which mainly included building his new Minecraft Legos, playing Minecraft on the computer, watching "Phineas and Ferb", staying in his pajamas, and eating in the living room in front of tv.  I offered him lunch out, but he preferred to stay home for leftovers so he didn't have to get dressed.  He spoke to both Lambeth, who kindly called from England with Mrs. Lambeth, and to Aunt Banana, who is home with ten-day old Cousin Banana (still working on the nickname).

Mama brought home Carvel Fudgy the Whale cake and special apple pie as their birthday treats, as per request, which we ate hurriedly between Sis getting home from camp and Bud heading out to kung fu (lucky boy also got a little sushi as a post-kung fu snack!)  It was just that kind of busy birthday.  They squeezed in a little more playtime before a late bedime.

Saturday:  Our usual Saturday activities were in full swing--ice skating, an extra historic house family workshop, and even haircuts, plus a special graduation party for the young man up the street.  In between, we got pizza from the new brick oven place in town--really very good--and a movie, Jurassic Park.  We stayed out until almost 10 p.m. at the graduation party, having started at 4!  Sis especially liked swimming in the pool, while Bud enjoyed ping pong.  And of course, all of the older kids hanging around.  I talked with a lot of our neighbors.  It was delightful--beautiful weather and no mosquitoes (only a few pesky June bugs!)

Sunday:  Today we celebrated birthday with Ma and Gong, who drove up for the day.  They took the kids to lunch at their favorite Chinese place and then went on a shopping spree--at the bookstore!  Afterwards, we watched the World Cup final and, while I was rooting for Messi and Argentina, we weren't too disappointed by the final score (besides, it was such a boring game second half that we had lost some interest.)  It was fun to watch with Gong, who having grown up in Thailand has played a lot of soccer and knows all the rules, strategies, etc.  He was even the goalie!  (Interesting man, Gong--he's played soccer, been in the army, served as a monk, and became an accountant!)  Ma and Gong then headed back to the city while we settled in to watch the rest of Jurassic Park, or as Bud called it, Cretaceous Park.

We're heading to bed now, the end of a great weekend.  Happy birthday, kiddos!

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