Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer Fun: Horsin' Around

Sis finished day camp this week in grand style:  she won first place in her camp's horseback-riding obstacle course, with a time of 3:25.  And it was bareback!  At first, I wondered if the giant green ribbon she wore home was just one of many (you know how we are with her generation, everyone gets a ribbon), but, no:  there were two ribbons, one for the older girls and one for the younger.  And Sis won among the younger girls.  Wow!  Who knew she had a real aptitude for horses?  She certainly has horse love now and is asking for horseriding lessons.  Luckily, Connecticut is full of stables so that's do-able.  

My own riding experience is limited to one two-minute sitting on the back of my cousin's horse at some family event.  I was the third or fourth kid on the back of the horse, not even on a saddle, but behind the saddle on the rump and it was too bumpy and high up for me and I begged to get down.  That's it.  My horse-riding career!  But I do have horsey-connections, as aforementioned cousins had horses and rode them in rodeos, doing barrel-racing and clover-leaf and roping calves, etc. etc etc.  We even went a few times to watch them compete.  Fascinating, especially to this city girl.  That's not the kind of horseback riding we have up here in CT, which is English, I'm told, more like the equestrian events you see at the Olympics, or steeplechase, I think they call it. Of course, what Sis took from this story is that people can have their own horses, even in their own backyards!  Not in our part of Connecticut, I'm afraid.

Sis definitely has horses on her mind.  My cousins suggested some books for our new horse-lover, all these titles, beyond Black Beauty and My Friend Flicka, that I'd never heard of, including Misty of Chincoteague, Sea Star, Stormy, King of the Wind, Black Gold, The Black Stallion, Peter Lundy and the Medicine Hat Stallion, Born to Trot, Ruffian, White Stallion of lipizza,and Horse Whisperer, some of which have films, too.  Sis also brought home a small stuffed horse from the camp trading post and pulled out the horse figurines from the little plastic animals she played with years and years ago.    And her American Girl doll has a horse already, too, from last year's birthday.  I guess we've been getting ready for this horse-love for awhile.  Sis even said she'd waited forever to be old enough to attend horse camp.

And she's already planning going again next year.  But at least she didn't ask for a pony for her birthday.  This year.

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