Saturday, July 19, 2014

My List

Our schedule is always a bit wonky during the summer, resulting in irregular posting here at Mommy, Hungry!  But a list to tide you over until next week, when both kids are in day camp, my one week "off" this summer:

  • Bud's camp experience--zip lines, archery, rock walls, oh my!
  • Sis's first sleepover
  • A country fair 
  • Aunt Sis's 80th birthday
  • Thoughts on a local moms' FB page--classism, racism, and coyotes
  • adolescence
  • ASL session one done
  • Sunsets
  • Aqua therapy and my new lesbian acquaintance 
  • my recipe for Spanish-inspired chicken soup, Bud's new favorite
  • Karate Kid--patience, practice, and persistence--plus catching flies with chopsticks
  • new license plate game
I think that's about it.  For now.

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