Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Fun: My Pool Time

I started aqua therapy a couple of weeks ago in an effort to improve my comfort level in the pool and strengthen my core.  And it's kicking my butt.  Even just hanging from the pool noodles is a work out.  Who would have thought lifting my arms up and down could make my shoulders hurt for hours?  All of which tells me how much I need this.  And the kids enjoy swimming around while I exercise.

I work out with an interesting bunch, all post-surgery--knees and backs.  It makes me feel a).  fortunate that I've never needed surgery and b). grateful that I don't hurt as much as they do.  And it also shows me what a small world Connecticut can be:  one of my pool partners is a lesbian who is getting married in August (out of 5 people, the 2 women are both lesbians??) and my other pool partner, I discovered this morning, is the older brother of the wife (another lesbian!) of my dear first PT--he even stood up at their wedding!    So you can just imagine the conversations!  Wives, weddings, and of course back pain.

We also like to watch the aqua zumba class down the lane from us.  We enjoy the music and the moves and also laugh about how the men in the zumba group hang back like they're not really part of it.  Of course, we can laugh, but we also know that we aren't even nearly capable of zumba.  We talk about joining the class when we "graduate" from therapy.

It's not a bad way to spend two mornings a week or to exercise.  And I like it much better than the treadmill.

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