Friday, May 9, 2014

Slippery Slope

I can't be righteous anymore:  we now have a television in our living room, after a several-year hiatus.  It came about rather quickly; we realized that the four of us no longer comfortably fit on our bed to watch movies and "Doctor Who."  And, even though we probably only watch about 3 hours of screen time a week, we want to enjoy it.  Also, the kids have been hankering for a game console, mainly Minecraft on the big screen.

The game console will have to wait for Christmas, or at least birthdays, but we got the tv today.  Not huge, though big for us (46".)  Call it an early Mothers' Day present.  We set it up on an existing table and plugged it right into a Blu-Ray . . . and we watched Frozen with Gommie while eating pizza in the living room to christen it.

See, slippery slope.

But we loved it!   Gommie had never seen it and thought it was beautiful.  The kids liked being able to eat in the living room, which is generally taboo.

But now we can watch the Macy's Day Parade while prepping Thanksgiving dinner, the ball drop on New Year's Eve with extra space for dancing around, and the Super Bowl with lots of messy snacks.  Shall we bet on whether our hours-per-week goes up?

Slip slidin' away.

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