Friday, May 23, 2014

Packing Up

With it being Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial beginning of summer (even if at 50F, it feels like spring), 'tis the season for packing up and going on short weekends away.  Just like we did last weekend to Long Island.  And each time we go away, we start a new list for prepping, so here's an attempt to get a general list.  Compared to our England or Disney World prep, it's a cinch.

To Pack
For each family member (1 x # days gone + 1 extra each)
o   shirts
o   skirts/shorts/pants
o   underwear/undershirt/bras (when applicable)
o   socks
o   pajamas

o   toothbrushes/toothbrush/floss/mouthguards
o   nail clippers
o   moisturizer/lotions
o   hairbrush/combs/hair clips
o   deodorant
o   children's painkillers/Benadryl
o   Benadryl gel (for bug bites)/neosporin
o   thermometer
o   prescriptions
o   sunscreen
o   bug spray
o   earplugs

o   water bottles
o   snacks
o   audiobooks/car activities
o   camera
o   chargers—phone, camera, UP
o   first aid kit/ice pack
o   activity-specific gear (swimwear/goggles, ice skates, etc.)
o   SQUIRT books
o   other entertainment (DS? Cards?)
o   loveys like Shirt/Bunny/Mr. Big
o   brace for Mommy
o   special pillows
o   hats (mittens/scarves if winter)
o   jackets (rain, etc.)

To Do
o   check house for plastic (for cats)
o   alert friends/mail itinerary
o   get gas
o   charge all batteries
o   clean cat water fountain
o   clean litterboxes
o   pack car
o   straighten outside (toys, etc)
o   arrange mail pick-up or cat-check, if necessary

Day of
o   take out garbage
o   bring in trash cans
o   feed and water cats
o   scoop litterboxes
o   close windows and curtains
o   adjust thermostat
o   adjust lights
o   pack batteries and chargers
o   secure trash can cabinet
o   open doors like basement for cat

Other (as needed)

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  1. I always turn off the water at the main. Once we had friends who did not, when they got home after a week there had been a small leak which over a period of several days had soaked several carpets and spoiled furniture.