Monday, May 5, 2014

London Leftovers

Almost everyday, we think back to our time in England.  Like, three weeks ago we were at Stonehenge and four weeks ago we were at the Tower of London.  In Sunday school (we call it RE, or religious education), Sis and Bud noticed, in the storybook about Queen Esther, that they were wearing gauntlets to send off carrier pigeons, reminding them both of our falconry lesson; Bud told about how heavy the turkey vulture felt on his arm.  This morning, the cool spring morning air reminded me of that at the country house in Winchester.

Other things have stayed with us--stereotypically, Mama and I are drinking more tea.  I brought back a lot of PG tips bags and some Fortnum and Mason loose teas, both of which I'm drinking out of a little silver teapot I bought in England last time.  Bud has been craving crisps of wacky flavors and has been begging us to go to the local UK shoppe to get some prawn crisps; he was thrilled to have Eton Mess for Easter.  And I'm hosting a so-called tea party tomorrow (albeit in the morning, so really more like a coffee morning), complete with homemade Victoria Sponge.  (I'll post recipe and picture if it turns out ok.)

I've also been reading several of the books I picked up while we were there, including books on crop circles, the Hampton Court kitchens, a few cookbooks (two from Porter's Restaurant, one on "A Year of Victorian Puddings), a history of London from the Museum of London, the Viking exhibition catalogue, and others.  Plus a few books I already had about England--the travel memoir trio by Susan Allen Toth (I think the best was My Love Affair with England--made me want to go back right away!) and Michael Wood's Story of England.  For her part, Mama has been listening to J.K. Rowling's Cuckoo's Calling, written under a pseudonym, a modern British crime novel.  The kids are listening to David Tennant's reading of Cressida Cowell's How to Train Your Dragon, which is admittedly Scottish.

And of course, we're re-watching some of our Harry Potter and "Doctor Who."  Mama and I also need to catch up on "Bletchley Circle," the second series, and the "Story of England" dvd.

Then there's our speech.  Mama actually said "car park" the other day instead of parking lot.  She has also talked about going to the "ladies'," for bathroom.   I"ve been saying "cuppa" when asking Mama if she wants some tea.  And the kids have been lapsing into faux British accents, which usually entails their voices rising at the end of sentences.

All of which means, we've come home quite the Anglophiles and are relishing are memories there.

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  1. It was a pleasure to have you here, please come back soon we all enjoyed having you . After 20 years I still look back with pleasure on the year I had in Louisiana and long for some of that Cajun food. If you go out in the sun do remember to put on a titfer (Cockney rhyming slang...titfer is short for tit for tat = hat)