Sunday, May 11, 2014

Our Mothers' Day

Kung fu.  Ice Skating lessons.  Free skate.

Lunch at the German restaurant, which Gommie loved--sauerbraten, rouladen, wiener schnitzel, cheesy spatzle, pickly potato salad, a wurst platter, red cabbage, linzer torte, beehive cake, and strudel.  Gommie talked of ompah bands and dance hall polkas, her grandmother's sauerkraut in a vat at the top of the stairs to the dirt cellar, and smoking sausages with her great uncle.  She even danced with both kiddos.

Shopping at the British food shoppe, all the snacks of which we've been munching on this weekend (including crisps and digestive biscuits; must make flapjacks.)

"Doctor Who" and leftovers and looking at some of our vacation pictures.


Then breakfast in bed from the kiddos, namely cheese and crackers, Cheerios, and macaroons, plus drawings and poems and a handwritten menu.  So sweet.

Also church and the church plant sale.

Lunch at the seafood place on the water (Gommie liked the Arctic Char.)  Churros from the taco trucks.

Planting, planting, planting all the church plants (including a honeysuckle, aster, and pepperbush) and the school plants (snapdragons, petunias, pinks, etc.)  And more phlox.

And resting . . . .

A good day for the three moms in the house.

Happy Mother's Day to you and yours!

We expanded the little bed next to the mailbox, adding honeysuckle on a trellis (right) and other flowers to the already existing lavender, tulips, and mini-roses.  (It's all rather hard to see in this picture.)

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