Tuesday, May 20, 2014

LI Adventure

It was an extremely busy weekend.  After Friday night at Sis's gymnastics performance--yay, Sis, on floor routine and trampoline!!!--we had family pictures with Ma, Gong, and Goo taken on Saturday to commemorate Goo's graduation from medical school.

And on Sunday morning, we headed to Long Island for that graduation, taking the ferry across for the first time.  We started our visit with a trip to Old Bethpage Village Restoration, which Mama fondly remembers from her third-grade field trip--there were stick candies and birch beer!!  And this time she shared those with our kiddos!  I loved wandering amid the old buildings including inns, general stores, and farmhouses, especially with the purple irises and bluebells.  Mama loved the newborn lambs, who "baa"-ed at us repeatedly.  Sis practiced her hoop skills and got pretty good. Bud liked the stick candy, of course.

Sis hones her hoop skills.
That evening, we met up with the family for a celebratory dinner at famed NY steakhouse, Peter Luger's.  It was quite the meal:  steak (of course, but I can't recall which kinds), a nice filet of sole for me, creamed spinach, German potatoes, iceberg wedge with blue cheese, Caesar salad, tomatoes and onions with their special tangy tomato sauce, and then cheesecake, apple strudel, key lime pie, and a hot fudge sundae with tons of "schlag," or whipped cream, for dessert.  I also had a too-strong "German" coffee with kirsch.  Mercy, that was a big meal.  

We worked off dinner with putt-putt golf!!  The kids had never played and the rest of us hadn't played in years.  And what a course it was, somewhere near Westbury, with animatronic pirates and other special effects set pieces.  We had the course to ourselves (who else plays putt putt at 7 pm on a Sunday night??) and had a jolly time.  Everybody even got a hole in one each!  Though, there were lots of holes where the players just missed as the ball spun around the cup or where they were several shots above par.  That's when we teased Goo that he'd need to practice his golf game now that he was a doctor.  As we played (well, I watched), there was a beautiful sunset over the Sound.

Monday morning was the graduation ceremony, good enough as those things go, best because it was Goo's med school graduation.  Yep, he's Dr. Goo now!  We are all very proud of him, especially because of the challenges and his persistence.  We picked up some flowers for Ma and Gong after the ceremony but before the reception; Sis even chose the peony that graced the center.

And then we played more putt putt!  This was a classic course, complete with windmill and lighthouse.  And just as much fun as the night before.

We took the late ferry home, after picking up picnic supplies, including sandwich makings, grapes, chips, cookies, and then grabbing yet more food at the dock--chowder from the Steamroom Seafood and ice cream and fudge from the Frigate.  It was a beautiful, though very windy, evening, with a stunning sunset behind some isolated storm clouds.  A great end to a great weekend.

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