Friday, May 9, 2014

24 Hours and Counting

Wednesday, 4:15 p.m.  Pick up Gommie
4:30  Take-out dinner
6:00 Get dressed for concert, take pictures
6:10 Leave for concert
6:30 On time and in place--get our favorite seats, aisle back row
7:00 Concert starts
7:15  Our part of the concert ends (their group dismissed)
7:30 Having fetched instruments, head for frozen yogurt--yum!
8:30  All wound up and not ready for bed
9:00 Fights over where Gommie will sleep;
9:30  Gommie in Sis's bottom bunk, tomorrow night in Bud's bed; sleep

Thursday, 7:30 a.m.  Getting ready for school
8:15 Bus arrives
8:45 After coffee, Gommie and I head to the stores
10:00 Home for a break
10:30 Pick up deli lunch and head to school
11:00 Plant sale with Sis's class--lots of hanging baskets and some other flowes
11:25 Take plants to car
11:50 Lunch with Sis and Bud in crazy-noisy lunchroom
12:10 p.m. Lunch ends, head to plant sale with Bud's class (more flowers!)
12:45 Head home
1:30 I fall asleep while Gommie reads
2:30  I wake up and get ready for Brownies; Gommie gets a quiet hour at home, talks to Pop on phone
3:15 Brownies starts (Bridging activities, practice flag ceremony)
3:55 Gommie gets Bud off the bus
4:30 Brownies over
5:00  Dinner (Gommie made Swedish Meatballs)
5:15 Mama picks up Bud to go with her to PT and then straight to kung fu
5:30  Sis, Gommie, and I make brownies for teachers
6:15 Bud has kung fu; Sis and Gommie go outside for walk/bike ride
7:10 I leave for PT
7:45 Bud comes home with Mama
8:15 I come home from PT (I'm supposed to crochet 15 minutes a day!)
9:00 Kids fighting in Sis's room
9:30 Kids still fighting
10:10 Kids finally quiet; adults downstairs talking

Friday, 12:00 a.m. we all start heading to bed
12:42  I finish this post.

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  1. Message for Pop. Tough luck lad, you are missing all the fun.