Monday, May 5, 2014

Moving Season

No, we're not moving.

But lots of people are.  Young families realize their homes are quite as big as they hoped they were; families with college-aged children decide their homes are too big or not in the place they want to be.  Lots of people we know are leaving our town and Connecticut.  (And we wish them much happiness in their new homes.)

Sure, you might have seen the article that 50% of CT residents don't want to live in our state, the highest in the nation, right there with Illinois.  I like our state.  No, it doesn't engender the same dedication and pride as my time in NYC, nor my home state of Texas.  But the liberal-leaning LGBT-friendly laws and culture (plus few religious/social conservatives, even among the Republicans), the four-season weather, the proximity to NYC, and the genuine non-stereotypical-New England friendliness and community feel of our town make it a great place for us.

Yeah, in our town, the schools could be better; yeah, the taxes are high--and now, flood insurance is even higher--while much of the infrastructure needs improvement.  Sure, we'd love an extra full bathroom and actual closets.  But I wouldn't trade my neighbors and friends for any of that.


But when people leave my community, I wonder if they know something I don't, if I'm not blind to its flaws or full of inertia.  And so, periodically, Mama and I have the should-we-think-about-moving conversation.

And we're staying put.

But . . . I am dreaming of a wonderful little addition off the back of the house, with French doors, lots of windows, and a full bathroom.


  1. The most important thing is to decide if the house will suit when the children are 15/16, if not then move before they are able to insist on their opinions being taken into account. The most important thing is to move before it is forced on you by predictables such as inability to walk or drive. If an extra room or 2 will add to the value of the house by at least the amount it costs then go for it but it will cost a fortune to heat with all that glass so when you build make sure you have a LOT of thermal insulation and perhaps solar panels. Dont fall for the clever dick builder who insists that you dont need this and bit of will.