Saturday, May 3, 2014

May Days

After a very heavy April "shower" on Wednesday that delivered NYC's 10th rainiest day on record, we are finally seeing green, the good kind, here in Connecticut.  We have some grass, buds on trees, and blossoming buls, including daffodils, hyacinths (I LOVE their scent), and two tulips, down from a half dozen our friend Miss Mary once gave to us.  Our phlox is blooming purplish in our rock wall, but the azaleas are still a few weeks off.  As much as I like snow and winter, and even rain, it's been nice to switch to lighter skirts and sometimes even no jackets.  It's been too damp to picnic outside yet, but the kids and I have played a few games of hide and seek (whereby I stalk them furtively and they run away, never ever caught.)  They've also rediscovered their swingset and have spent lots of time in the backyard.  Sis is itching to plant a garden and has seeds growing in a terrarium-like box on the porch; she keeps wanting to plant outside but local lore says to wait for Mother's Day because of the danger of frost.  She's hoping Gommie, who arrives for Mother's Day weekend (and a little bit more) on Wednesday, will plant with her.  I think she has visions of an flourishing English garden, heaven help us.  At least we have lots of space (for the suburbs) and that nice rock wall feature.  Besides, for me anyway, the joy of gardening is more in the anticipation . . .maybe because our acidic soil (or my brown thumb) often defeats our plans.  Still, it's nice to be outside.

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  1. Rhododendrons grow in acid soil and by adjusting the pH you can alter the colour, not quickly but over winter. This garden has now daffs, snowdrops, violets and rosemary, along with the rosemary is a delightful scent which had brought out the bumble bees by the dozen. The cherry blossom has come and gone, along with the apple blossom. There were 4 baptisms in the church this morning, we had the pleasure of 3 girls, all about 8, ringing the 3 bells, harmonious it was not but wonderful for the neighbourhood, they replace the one old lady of 94 who rang them alone ( one in each hand and the third attached to her rocking chair).