Monday, March 10, 2014


So, yes, it was very dark and early when the alarm went off this morning.

But both children went to school.  Coughing, but still.

Though, with the time change, after 12 days combined of illness, it was a hard day to start back to school.

For them.

I, on the other hand, am catching up on more than a week's worth of delayed errands, activities, and appointments. Today was a visit with a new hospice patient, an Ivy League-trained lawyer and WWII vet who speaks several languages and loves music.  He was in good humor, laughing at his hospice team chatting away and teasing each other.  Tomorrow continues our teen docent program at the historic house.  And then a variety of other things the rest of the week.

Then London in less than four weeks!!!  We're finalizing plans and arrangements, especially on either end at the airports--parking, transportation, etc.  Mama and I are watching Michael Wood's Story of England, a study of the history of Kibworth through archaeology and documents as a representation of the whole nation.  It's fascinating.  I'm also walking on my treadmill 45-ish minutes everyday.  And we're even starting to make packing lists! What can we bring you, Lambeth?  Really can't believe it's happening.

And, of all things, signs of spring this morning in the snowdrops peeking up by our rock wall, in one of the few uncovered spots in our yard, as snow fell gently again this morning for a few hours.

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