Thursday, March 13, 2014


Yesterday, Sis and Bud were playing with the little girl who recently moved in across the street.  It was so warm and beautiful that the kids pulled out their bicycles and were riding back and forth in the cul-de-sac while I walked and talked with the other mom.  When the little girl couldn't keep up on her Big Wheel (love the Big Wheel!) and she couldn't pedal her own big-girl bike yet, even with training wheels, Sis and Bud played running races with her.  And Bud even pretended to get tired and not make it to the finish line so she could beat him!  Later, they taught her how to play hot-and-cold as they took turns hiding her toy Brachiosaurus. Of course, Sis would stand right next to the "hot" place.   It was so cute!


We went to a great school math night, each kiddo accompanied by a mom (that is, after we had a pizza picnic in my car--Sis and Mama picked it up on the way home from the doctor's--she's still coughing, we're going to wait and see 'cos there's no chest congestion--and Bud and I met them in the school parking lot beforehand.)  Bud and I had lots of fun.  You should have seen him scootering across the floor to get math facts to complete BINGO.  And he was six feet away, with the last fact we needed, when the boy next to us won.  And you know what Bud did?  He walked up to the winner and congratulated him, saying "Way to go!" and "Well done!"  I was so proud of him.

Later in the evening, we estimated the size of things using Twizzlers.  Bud figured he was six Twizzlers high and I was 10--he was right about him and off by one for me (I was 9.)  The teacher awarded him an extra Twizzler to eat for concisely defining estimation.  Again, I was proud.

And then we built a tower as a team with rolls of paper and flat sheets of paper.  Our Empire State Building-esque creation was about 8' tall, as was the other teams.  The kids were all having so much fun and cheering each other on.  It was fun to see them so excited.  (And the two dads, who had climbed on chairs in competition to build the highest tower--don't get me started on the meaning of that!)--gamely stopped at the same height.

Sis and Mama were having just as much (and the same) fun, but in a different rotation.


Bud had a work of art exhibited at the Board of Education as part of a show of our school's third and fourth graders.  So today, while Sis and Mama were at the doctor's office, we went to check it out.

And we couldn't find it.

Had the teacher made a mistake?  Could it be on another floor?  I could see the rising disappointment in Bud's face.

We looked at all of the paintings and noticed that one of the artist's was the boy in his class who has the same name as Bud and Bud thought it might have been his picture (they were all derivations of a Matisse, so they looked quite alike.)  I wasn't so sure, so we went to find someone who could help direct us to perhaps more of the exhibition.  And she actually took the picture off the wall and checked the back--sure enough it was Bud's name!  The woman made a new name tag for us and rehung the picture, even taking a picture of us with it when my cameraphone gave out.  I'm grateful (and will be writing her a thank-you email shortly.)

To celebrate, Bud got a blue raspberry slurpee, his new favorite treat (especially since the little ice cream place not far from us closed recently.)


Sis has been having quite a lot of kitty love recently, the best being when Hermione sat on her lap and purred.  Cats won't do that for just anybody and our cats have been a long time in sitting with the (usually in motion) children.  Albus has also been known to kiss her forehead repeatedly.  Awwwwww.

Funny, we still get kinda excited when the six of us are all in the same room or even more amazing on the same bed!

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