Tuesday, March 18, 2014


We were talking about the Earth and how it is not flat, which I said I believed that sailors on the ocean could see as the horizon curved before them.  And kids talked about how weird it would be to be upside-down at the South Pole.  And I asked, "upside-down in relationship to what?"  And they said, in unison, "The North Pole!"

But of course.


Today as we were outside playing and building our first faerie house of the season, Bud heard a raven crying and said, "That bird is in despair."  Indeed, it did sound quite upset.


Discussing things at dinner last night, Bud decided that the best day of his life was last year at Disney World, "when I rode Thunder Mountain three times!"

Sis decided she would withhold bestowing that title until we went to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff and she got to go in the Tenth Doctor's TARDIS!

Bud said he would revise his list after our trip to England.


Upset tonight that Sis was going to a "Frozen" party to which he wasn't invited, Bud said, "I've never been invited to a party that she hasn't."


Getting out of the car tonight and spotting several stars in the clear sky--we can usually see Orion at the end of our driveway (and tonight we saw his belt and even sword!)--I said that we might see different constellations (or even just Orion from a different angle) in England.  The kids were ecstatic.  Amazing what excites them.


Bud got all serious the other night:  "how are we going to buy things if they don't take dollars?"  I reminded him of British pounds, but he was then concerned about how we would get some.  No worries, we explained, we had it taken care of (but don't have to sign dozens of traveler's checks at the bank like I had to in the 80s and 90s!)

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