Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Catch as Catch Leprechaun

The kiddos built a leprechaun trap last night with their babysitter, Miss H, while I was at a St. Patrick's Day fundraiser for the historic house (it was wonderful--crowded, jolly, and with an old 17th-century setting, not too unlike some British pubs, no doubt.)

Leprechaun traps seem to be a thing now, at least here in CT (unlike pinching people who don't wear green.) Lots of elementary-school kids make them as part of their celebration.  Our kids' classes never have, so it was fun that they got to make one last night, consisting of tempting chocolate coins and a hidden pit.

This morning, Bud and Sis raced downstairs to see what had happened.  The trap was clearly sprung, with all the chocolate coins in the box . . . and some British pounds for our trip!  So, a question, why do leprechauns leave presents for people who try to trap them?  And why do we even try to trap them?  Mama thinks the leprechaun tried to take the chocolate, fell in, losing his money in the process, and then escaped without taking his stuff, never intending to leave anything.

I think the cats ate him.

The kids didn't like either theory.

And how creepy is it that the kids like the idea that a tiny man was running around our house amok last night?

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  1. Surely there are lady leprechauns?#

    Vide my wife.