Monday, March 3, 2014


Well, here's my day:
  • Bud is home sick with a fever up around 102F and that's on meds.  I'm guessing he'll be home until Thursday.  Already can't go tomorrow because of fever, doubt he'll go Wednesday unless the fever just disappears.
  • I'm getting ready for tomorrow's first teen docent meeting.  Exciting.  But it also means--because I have no back up, no substitute, no real co-workers--that I'm taking a sick kid with me.  Luckily, it's not a "real" job, being less formal than that, so I can stash him on the couch in one of the rooms of the historic house (don't worry, reproduction couch--nothing is "no touch.")  Still, it's the closest I'll get to the working mother's sick-child conundrum.
  • Might have two new hospice patients lined up for next week.
  • Getting ready for GS COOKIE BOOTHS!  Yes, the cookies are here.  Customers, Sis will be contacting you shortly with your order.  And if you didn't get any and are in CT, I can set you up at our upcoming booth sale.  For now, I'm begging parents to come help.
  • I wish it had snowed.  After dire predictions for it last week, up to 10" in the forecast late in the week, I'm disappointed it hasn't even flurried.  I like snow and snow days.  Besides, I already have a kid at home.
  • We had a Mardi Gras party on Saturday--our old playgroup--and it was wonderful.  I'm hoping to blog that.
  • Didn't get enough sleep because of the Oscars, but enjoyed it.  Tired today, but still walked 40+ min on my treadmill.  The countdown to London has begun and I'm in unofficial/unscientific treadmill training to handle all of the walking.  

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