Saturday, April 13, 2013

Waiting for the Show

A solar flare on Thursday morning may produce Aurora Borealis over the northeastern U.S. (among other places) tonight.  So we are watching NOAA and Accuweather Astronomy to figure out when the lights might be visible here.  Something about particles from the flare spreading out from the poles and our Kp number, which needs to be near 7-8 to be visible.  Chances are probably slight, but I'm learning a lot nonetheless.

I've never seen the lights but would love to--nothing like a dancing night rainbow!  We've told the kids and promised them we'd wake them if the lights appeared.  We watched for a little bit around 8 p.m., seeing the moon sliver and the evening star, but nothing more.

I'll be up for a bit watching our numbers and then go to bed . . . with my alarm set for later to check.  Because this is a not-quite-just-once-in-a-lifetime event here in CT and pretty special.

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