Friday, April 19, 2013

Eyes On and Hearts for Boston

I never watch the news, but the NYTimes isn't keeping up this morning so I'm watching tv (but not NBC, my usual choice; I'm sick of Matt Lauer, even though I have never watched the Today Show.)

My thoughts are with the people of Boston.
My thoughts are with the families of those injured and killed both last night and also on Monday.
My thoughts also turn to the mother of those two young men.
My thoughts are also with the Muslim communities of the US as news comes out about the Chechen origins of the men and their social-media postings identifying them as Muslims.

I hope Americans stay calm and that hate crimes spurred by Islamophobia don't increase, as they always have after terrorist activities.  No one judged all white Southern men after the Ricin-letter incident; no one hated people of Connecticut after Adam Lanza attacked Sandy Hook.

But I do wonder, with compassion, what has to have happened in someone's life, community, and/or culture to drive them to such violence and hatred?   Whether it's Lanza, Brevik, or now the Tsarnaevs.  Because nothing in my life, thankfully, has led me to understand how you put a backpack filled with maiming explosions at the feet of an eight-year old and stand back calmly, as the photographs show.  But we live in the world together, however different it is for us, and we are all connected and I feel the culpability of my white, American upper-middle class privilege in all of these incidents.

May we all live with peace.

UPDATE:  And now they think a car with a suspect in it might be headed to Connecticut.  Or he could be on the trains, some of which they've searched.  Amazing how the panic can rise in me so quickly.  Fighting the urge to fetch the children home; delaying go out to hospice because I don't want to be on the highway.  I shouldn't watch the news.

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