Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Hands are Tied

Quite literally, my hands were tied.

Bud was experimenting with his own string game.

String games are the new interest around here:  Eiffel Tower.  Cup and Saucer.  Cat's Cradle.  Jacob's Ladder.  Truthfully, I didn't even know they had names.  Or that there were so many of them.  I only really knew the trap-and-release one.  Apparently, Mama played these games for hours with her grandparents and remembers most of them, pinching and pulling up and down--funny how you can learn knew things about your spouse so many years on.

Both kids are interested, though Sis--and this should be no surprise--follows the directions, while Bud learns a figure and then makes up his own variations.  Hence my tied hands.

In fact, it's given me an idea to add string games to our historic house activity centers.  Yes, I have tours on the brain--they started yesterday.  Maybe Sis and Bud can teach string games this summer at some of our programs!

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