Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sleep the Day Away

After a pretty mediocre yesterday--stomach upset causing increased back pain, sadness over my cancelled first tour and our spring break trip, poor parenting moments--I slept today almost all away and feel so much better.


  • Gommie went to the city, toured MoMA, and went to see Wicked;
  • Ma and Gong came up for the day and went to kung fu and lunch with the kids;
  • Mama Teacher came over for a visit in the morning and had her first crochet lesson;
  • Mama Hungry held everything together as usual.
Tomorrow is our minister's last day at church, though I won't be able to go. We start interviewing nannies on Monday so that Gommie can think about heading home in about a week. And next week is the kids' spring break so we're trying to come up with things for Gommie to do with them to make the week fun for everyone.

So, changes and adaptations continue.

And naps help everything.

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  1. That answers something I was wondering about...whether your mom was still there. I started to try her on her cell phone yesterday, but then looked at the clock and decided it was after 10 there. Knowing if she was still there, everyone was probably asleep...including her...I decided to wait until today. I guess it's quiet time there now, but, I think I'll call anyway. Glad that your therapeutic rest yesterday was helpful. I'm sending positive thoughts and a virtual hug! (( ))