Monday, April 25, 2011

Off to a Good Start

Today was our first day with Nanny, our new professional childcare provider who will watch the kids between coming home from school and Mama's arrival home from work while I'm still on bedrest and then regaining my mobility. And everything went wonderfully, especially all things considered--Gommie's departure today, the first day back at school after spring break, a miserable spring break of vomiting. She took the kids for a long stint at "Goose Poop Park," helped them do their homework, fed them lunch and snack and dinner, and whatever else went on downstairs out of earshot of my bed. And even when Bud kept coming upstairs for a cuddle, sad over Gommie's departure (and wondering if it was caused by Nanny's arrival, instead of the other way around), she gently and sympathetically coaxed him back into more positive endeavors, all the while respecting his sadness and need to be with me. Better even than Mary Poppins, I would venture . . . though I'm not sure she sings.

Though, of course, not better than Gommie.

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