Thursday, April 21, 2011

Morning Has Broken

Sis is doing better this morning, meaning she hasn't thrown up and has kept down the magic broth (recipe for that and for the magic smoothie soon). She is even talking, sometimes sitting up, which is better than yesterday when, from her prone position on the couch, her eyes didn't even register me when I walked into the room. We're hoping today is the day she turns for the better.

Bud is fine. And behaving wonderfully, considering he's been stuck inside and without playmates for the whole spring break. He's done Legos, drawings, reading, and of course Glee-watching. In fact, he loves the Glee version of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" so much he told me he was going to "watch five times before breakfast, five times at lunch, and five times before bed!" Then, a new revelation occurred to him, "Can I have headphones to listen to Lady Gaga while I sleep?" And we've already watched it several times today. He even likes to sing along.

Gommie is a trooper, as she would say. "God love her," as our onetime neighbor Miss P would say. She rallied last night and is completely in charge today, downstairs entertaining both kids, bringing me snacks, and even trying to clean out my kitchen cabinets! That would be her "bohemian work ethic," another family saying. We are grateful and will miss her when she leaves next week (probably Monday), but wish her some rest and relaxation.

Mama Hungry went to work today but will be off tomorrow for Good Friday. She's busy getting things all organized for our Easter celebrations and for Gommie's departure and the nanny's arrival next week. She's exhausted, her arm hurts, and she worries about us all.

And I'm doing fine. My doctor wants me to continue my current 8 minutes x 4 times a day activity schedule through the end of the month, which effectively means I'm in bed til May. He'll see me then and we'll begin weaning me from my big brace then. I'm bummed not to be able to push the activity more--5 minutes an hour, or something--but he doesn't want me to re-injure myself at this critical juncture.

In the end, we're making do. And we realize that things could be so much worse, that we are lucky in so many ways. So even all my posts dwelling on events are more to communicate with friends and family than to complain. Sure, it sucks and we like it better when we're all healthy, but this is temporary and we have many resources that allow us to manage.

I hear little feet . . . ah, Bud is here to watch Glee!

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