Monday, April 18, 2011

A Break in the Weather

Today was a good day.

Bud's fever dissipated early on and he didn't vomit again; he did miss school, of course, but we enjoyed watching tv together. Sis did go to school and seems to have had a good time at Poetry Day as well as planting flowers in a decorated cup. She is very excited that the bunny holiday is fast approaching.

After talking to my doctor, I'm upping my walking, almost doubling it--from 5 up to 8 minutes four times a day--and am not having the MRI/epidural now, as long as I can tolerate the increased activity. I'll speak to him in a few days. This is good.

Mama Hungry has gotten treatment for her tendonitis, or tennis elbow, which has gotten worse since January, to the point that she couldn't even open a bottle of water last week. She's gotten her own brace (black with velcro--we match!!) and her own prescription of Voltaren (we match again!! except hers is topical). She's hopeful it'll help.

We have spoken to and selected a nanny, who has much experience, a patient and kind demeanor, and already a good rapport with Sis (Bud, not feeling well, was more reserved and realizes also that this means that Gommie will be leaving). It's temporary, of course, but will hopefully ease our transition from Gommie (early next week) and give our family some support while I continue to heal. More on her after she starts next week.

In fact, the only thing that went poorly today is that Gommie is devastated that Greg Mortenson, author of Three Cups of Tea, has been accused on "60 Minutes" of fabricating much of his story and irresponsibly using charitable funds, to which Gommie has repeatedly made donations.

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