Friday, April 22, 2011

It's a Good Friday

So far, so good:  we head into the holiday weekend on the mend physically (though our spirits lag some so we look to Easter--rebirth, rejuvenation, new--to lift us up).  Best yet, I've had two visitors today, which really lifts my spirits. 

Weekend plans include decorating the house, dyeing eggs, playing outside today before Saturday's rain, maybe a small outing tomorrow, a new Lego set, and then all the Easter celebrations on Sunday.  The bunny will fill baskets and hide eggs at home.  Then there's an egg hunt at church.  Because of sensitive tummies and exhausted adults, we're not having a big meal, just brunch with eggs, some baked good, whatever.  I'm going to try to get downstairs to witness 8 minutes of egg hunting, maybe do my day's bedrest on the couch.

Sending love, hope, and rejuvenation to you and yours!

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