Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Morn

Easter morning starter at 6:12 with the pitter pat of little feet running around as the kiddos realized the Easter Bunny had visited and left a couple of eggs in the baskets in their room.

By 6:30, the egg hunt was on, all over the inside of the house, upstairs and down. I managed to use my eight minutes of walking time (and more, if I am honest) to situate myself on the couch downstairs to watch the search and the opening of baskets. Lots of Legos, some pajamas, a little chocolate, Star Wars posters, t-shirts of penguins and bunnies (respectively). Mama got Legos too and jelly beans. Gommie got soap and Sudoku. I got pajamas, chocolate, a sun print art kit, and an attachment for my Kitchen Aid to make my own pasta!!! Thank you, "Ether Bunny!"

And then we all went outside, where instead of rain, it was dewy and sunshiny and warm, with birds singing and squirrels hopping and flowers blooming. Glorious. Especially because I hadn't really been outside in three weeks. Plus there were beautiful Easter eggs tucked everywhere, of which the ever more experienced kiddos made short work.

We called the Eastern seaboard side of the family but are saving the Central time zone until after church so that everyone is awake.

Now they're off to church for service and another egg hunt, while I'm resting up in bed. We won't be doing the big brunch we planned, because of sensitive tummies, but there will be something . . . we're just not sure what yet.

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