Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 26

Friends and family have been checking in this week with calls, cards, and email--thank you all very much. And so I thought I'd post a quick update, mainly to say we're hanging in. I won't quite say "barely," because we try to keep it in perspective, but in truth we're all a little frayed and tired and frustrated. And the bulk of the burden rests heavily on Mama's shoulders, which is hard to carry so long.

But not quite all alone. Our nanny is working out beautifully and the kids really like her. Plus, friends are bringing meals and are providing much needed support, assistance, communications, and visits.

I go to the doctor on Tuesday to see what our next step is. I'm hopeful that I'll be allowed up more, but respect his decision. It is frustrating and lonely and boring in bed all the time, but I meditate so as not to dwell on everything I'm missing, which has been a lot. Fortunately, I'm not really in any pain, but I know better than to rush this and reinjure the disc, especially knowing that the burden of my recovery falls on my family and friends.

So, that's where we are. The kids have parties today, after kung fu, and Mama has some errands. A friend came for a long and delightful visit, plus a meal, yesterday--thanks, Mommy Goose! Another friend is coming today--looking forward to it, Mama Teacher. Tomorrow, I think we have Glee and Legos on the agenda. In fact, Bud wants to combine the two--he wants to make a Lego version of McKinley High with all the characters. Sis was putting together a Kurt mini-fig this morning of her own design. Bud can't figure out how to make Artie's wheelchair. And they were both listening to Lady Gaga on their little music players as they did it.

All in all, it's pretty good.

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