Saturday, July 18, 2015

Summer Fun: Party Weekend

Friday:  The Friday Night Dance Party hosted by our dear old church friends included a sleepover this week.  Sis knew immediately that she wanted to go, but Bud had never slept over anywhere  because most of his friends are girls and don't invite him (want to get me started about societal gender norms in the under-10 set?)   But this was a great opportunity to try:  it was gender-mixed, his sister would be there, and he is very comfortable at our friends' house, having been there now pretty much every Friday for a month.  So they both packed up and we headed out.

First he was going to leave Mr. Big at home and so gave him several goodbye hugs.  Then he decided to put Mr. Big in the car just for the ride over.  And gave him several hugs when we got there.  We got out, carried everything into the house (gear and snacks and a homemade mac and cheese contribution to dinner), and . . . he asked if he could go get Mr. Big.  Of course.  If that's what it takes for your first sleepover, I get it.  My dad will tell you:  I took my pink floral satin blankie everywhere, even college, which my dad had been teasing about for years; in fact, it's still under the bed in a box somewhere, but it's no longer at the top of the list of things I would save in a fire.  Mr. Big is.  And Amy and Shirt.  And the photographs/computer hard drives.  (Things . . . after people and pets.)

And they had a great night!  I stayed for awhile to help with dinner, but mainly to chat with the other moms.  The kids had lightsaber battles, crocodile battles in the pool, and apparently spent the evening sculpting chandeliers out of glow sticks!  I'm told that Bud didn't go to sleep until after 2:30 a.m. and was up again at 6:30 a.m.  No wonder he is sound asleep on the couch right now, after a morning at kung fu!  (I'm writing this in sections; that was from 1:30 pm Saturday.  He slept till 6, despite a few attempts to wake him and feed him.  He's going to be up all night.)

Meanwhile, Mama headed away for some much deserved R&R.  She's having a great adventure and will be home Sunday afternoon.  She's been texting me periodically with great photos.  I'm so glad she's having fun.  I think it's the first non-family, overnight thing she's done since she went to Miami on a business trip when the kids were, what, two?  That's eight years of all us all the time.  And we almost had to kick her out of the house!  I hope it becomes a more frequent occurrence.

Saturday afternoon found us gearing up for social event #2.  We had a little block party with the neighbors.  I took white bean dip, spinach pesto salad, and brownies and sat in a chair in the hot afternoon sun going in and out, chatting with people I was happy to get to know.  I knew the organizing neighbor but not some of the others, though we wave and I knew their names.  The neighbor across the street's daughter will be a kindergartener at our school and the mom is starting a Daisy troop, so we had lots to discuss.   Bud slept through the whole thing (and because he's 10 and I was two doors down, I let him sleep in the house by himself, with us checking on him once in awhile), while Sis sat with us when she wasn't chasing the chickens around.  These are the chickens she helped babysit when said neighbor was out of town last week--Sis loved locking them up at night and was great at sneaking up on them so they didn't come out of their hut.  We called her the "chicken whisperer."

Tomorrow we have another party--a birthday party/housewarming event for someone I've known in passing for years.  We'll go over midday and stay awhile (especially because it's going to be hot in CT tomorrow--near 90F--which is too warm for me.)  I'm not sure exactly what I'll take to share.  I have another batch of bean dip and spinach salad, so maybe that.  Sis also talked about making Snickerdoodles, if it's not too hot to turn on the oven.

A busy social weekend . . . so it's probably good that Mama is off on her own.  I laughed that she doesn't socialize 9 out of 10 times, introvert that she is, and that only seems to make her more popular in her elusiveness!  I joked that I figured I was social enough for both of us.  (Besides, though I didn't say it, I save her 1/10 socializing for big events like Applepalooza.)

For me, I'm wiped but happy.

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