Monday, July 20, 2015

Hiding Out

It's going to be 93F today, with a heat index somewhere above 100F.

Which is much too hot for me.

By about 30 degrees.

It was 90 yesterday and pretty miserable with all the high humidity.

So, we're staying indoors, with the AC adjusted to cope with the heat (it can only be set about 15 degrees cooler than the outside temp, which means a warm 78F inside--but we don't want to break the thing now.)  Which means not much moving and no turning on the oven.

Bud is actually at camp this week--oceanography camp at the local maritime center.  They'll be out on the Sound taking specimens later in the week.  But not today, thankfully--can you imagine bobbing in a stopped boat in 93F temps?   Actually, many of my readers can; the kids up here, however, would not be used to that (and even I remember getting slightly queasy on a rocking boat in the full TX sunshine!  No wonder Pop would go fishing at 5 am or whatever early hour it was.)

I love that he can go to that kind of camp.  There are so many to choose from--next week Sis has animal lovers' camp at a nature center (with rabbits!  Though, we don't know if she'll get to work with the rabbits); later, Bud has Minecraft redstone circuitry (if I have that right) camp.  Others have sailing or Legos or lacrosse or history (American colonial, that is) or build-a-Roman-city, and myriad other choices . . . we just had camp.  You know:  tents, campfires, s'mores, singing, swimming, tie-dye, hikes.

I'd be ready to go to either kind of camp.  But not in this heat.  I'm hoping not to have to step foot outside!

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