Sunday, July 5, 2015

Summer Fun: Flying the Camp Flags

We've been working on our prayer flags project. We used to have a set of Tibetan ones hanging on our laundry line, but they blew away in the wind.  I came up with the idea of decorating our own when I got a set of white muslin flags at my Zentangle retreat--those were made by one of the instructors using white muslin and hem tape.  I found some colorful ones online and bought a set for each of us.  Thursday, at my craft group at the historic house, the kids worked on their flags.  Sis illustrated such words as grow, share, look, hope, love, while Bud drew some abstract patterns.  I zentangled mine--with a labyrinth, heart, pinwheel, yin and  yang, quilt square, Zentangle tile, flower, and other shapes.  Mama is still thinking about hers.  

I hung mine up at our little family "camping" area on Friday morning and like how they flutter in the breeze.

We've really taken to sitting at this table along our rock wall. In the Summer Soul Camp workshop with Heather Bruggeman that I just finished, she encourages setting up a camp space. This is ours.  We'll keep a basket of things to take when we head out--sunscreen, sketch pads and pencils, snacks, maybe juggling balls or bubbles or something, who knows what else.  So far, we've sat there every nice weekday, sometimes sketching, sometimes having snack or lunch.  I've watched them sword fight and run through the sprinkler.  We've watched a bumble bee crawl into and out of it's nest in a hole in the ground--who knew they did that?

And we've talked.  Not about school, like we do September through June, but about random stuff, with lots of laughing (so random I can hardly remember what all we've chatted about.  Birthdays, "beeroriums," "tabby-tabby" cat Mr. P.)  I've told them about the hummingbird I've seen by the honeysuckle; Bud's talked about the "brown birds" he saw making a nest in our rainbow birdhouse, which we can barely see from camp.  We can see down our rock wall, which is my favorite view in our yard--with our roses and other plants, windchimes, bunny weathervane, and various trees.  We've all agreed that it's the perfect place for a tent, if we had one, and that we would enjoy sleeping out.  I loved camping in our big beige tent in the backyard the times that my dad pitched it--I even had a December birthday slumber party in the tent (because it's just warmer in Houston) and we made blueberry pancakes on the grill.  All the conveniences of home, with some of the excitement of camp.  And it isn't really hot yet (my Texas family would say it never is.)

Sis will be at her own real camp this week--only during the day, for horseback riding--so it'll just be Bud and me for awhile.  Maybe he'll finish his flags and we can hang them up in our camp.  We have two more months of summer to enjoy it.

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