Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hydrangeas in Memoriam

I think I got the idea about planting memorial hydrangeas in honor of Aunt Sis while sitting in a drive-thru waiting for our food to be brought out to the curb.  I even hopped out and took a picture of the glorious pink and lavender blooms right outside my driver-side window.

Later, I snapped a picture of a town bench, with the idyllic white picket fence and hydrangeas.  Funny, I imagine I can see the sea through the slats--why do we associate hydrangeas with the seaside?  They're all over many coastal towns in New England.

In fact, once I started looking at hydrangeas, they were everywhere.  They're mostly blue here in CT, because our acidic soil creates blue blossoms, though some hard-working gardeners must add alkaline treatments to their soil to get the pink or purple ones.  It's the blue ones I think of when I think of the sea.

And that's when I knew I wanted to plant some hydrangeas for Aunt Sis.  Not that she had hydrangeas--I can't really remember seeing them in Texas at all--but she liked colors and blossoms and had some plants in her own yard, though nothing as formal as a garden.  And she loved the ocean.  We also took her to Mystic, proverbial New England on the water, and so I even think of her up here by the sea.

And so, Mama picked up two hydrangeas, the last of the nursery's stock, on Tuesday, which was Aunt Sis's birthday, and today we planted them, in morning sun and afternoon shade, as suggested, along our rock wall and visible from my kitchen window.  

They look a little forlorn and exhausted now, but I have high hopes for beautiful blossoms next year, in time for her birthday.

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