Saturday, July 11, 2015

Summer Fun: Camp

Sis has been at Girl Scout horseback riding day camp all week.  And she LOVES it.  She proudly wears her pants, boots, and bandana that mark her as one of the horse girls to the bus stop each morning.  And this year, it being her second, she is in the experienced rider group, which is smaller than the beginner.  And she is with her favorite horse from last year, Tucker.  Everyday, she proclaims horseback riding "awesome!"  

And she likes the tie-dye and the gimp, both clear signs that summer camp is upon us.

The rest of camp has been more so-so.  Twice already they haven't been able to swim--once because they were down a lifeguard and once because a girl in an earlier class fouled the pool.  Hopefully, today, both of those problems are taken care of.  Also, she was supposed to take a letter boxing mini-course, but the instructor wasn't there--so she got thrown in the sports group instead, which was a disappointment.  But those are minor annoyances compared to being with the horses three hours a day.

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