Friday, July 24, 2015

Slow Blog Week

It's been a slow blog week, not because it's been a slow week but because it hasn't really been post-worthy.

Let's see:

  • Bud is at oceanography camp this week and really likes it.  Yesterday, they took the research vessel out into the Sound and used the remotely-operated vehicle (ROV) to look for specimens.  They saw a nettle fish or something and other creatures but no sharks.  On Tuesday, they had "bio-dredged" and picked up plankton, both winter and summer flounder (something about looking left or right), clams, mussels, etc.  On the days they aren't on the boat, they explore the museum.  He's hoping they'll see the seal show today.  Mama and I are talking about going there to see the butterflies.
  • Sis is at home this week.  She's spent a lot of it watching tv ("Saddle Club," "Switched at Birth," "Robin Hood" (BBC), and "Clone Wars") and playing Animal Crossing (mainly the two times I went to PT, where I am progressing slowly but surely.)  Last night she had a friend over for a sleepover.  They made fudge, ate pizza and chicken fingers, biked, played videogames, watched YouTube videos (Minecraft videos, Disney Princess videos, Pokemon videos), stayed up late, and then made breakfast this morning!
  • Mama is coming down off her getaway weekend hard, as she is in charge of camp driving for Bud (it's down by her office.)  And, well, being at home is nothing like sailing on a schooner in NY harbor at twilight.
  • I finished Go Set a Watchman and will post lots of thoughts on that sometime soon.  I liked it better than I expected to after all of the press and even reading the first 6 or so chapters.  
  • I crocheted some.
  • I had two social engagements this week:  I went to a Wildtree slow-cooker-meal-making party on Monday (where you bring some ingredients and pour in others to make 10 freezer container meals; really, it's mostly about the socializing) and I'll go to a birthday party tonight.  
  • I've been in the garden a bit in the last day or so, now that the heat has broken some.  83F is much better than 93F, especially when it starts off the day at 63F!  I have weeded the front garden a tiny bit, watered the shade garden by the sidewalk where we're trying to get caladiums and astilibes to join our hostas, tried to coax the hydrangeas back from heat exhaustion, and had my mower guy move the honeysuckle because it was completely taking over my lavender, which is unacceptable.  Oh, and the tree guy is going to trim the low branches, cut back the ivy, and check the cables (he came for an estimate and will be back in a month.)  It sounds like more work than it is, really.
That's pretty much it, I think.  The weekend is equally unremarkable.  But that's okay.

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