Friday, January 12, 2018

2018 Affirmations

Here we go, more achievements and affirmations:

  • applying, interviewing, and earning spot in CPE spring unit!
  • Speedskating weekend, including:
    • driving farther than I have since my back issues
    • driving after a blizzard (though the roads were great!) at night
    • lugging all the supplies for the competition
    • taking care of Sis by myself out and about for the whole time (pretty easy, but still!)
    • overseeing the hospitality room at the competition
    • working the hospitality room for 10 hours!
    • driving home despite being tired
    • and then driving to church the next morning!!!!
  • our trip to DC, with very cold weather and full day spent at museums
  • holding down the household when Mama had the flu
  • braving a back spasm in October and recovering after a few days
  • not wearing my brace for hospice, shopping, birding, piano playing, zoo, etc.
  • restarting my treadmill habit!
  • walking in ice and snow, which usually scares me
  • wearing jeans (which have bothered my back, in the past)
  • and a few I didn't ever list from last year
    • all the sightseeing in NJ in the awful heat
    • Hog Island Camp, especially the full-day hike!!!  
    • Opera, Broadway shows, and lots of movies (all that sitting)

For the old lists, see my original list of Affirmations is from March, AprilOctober 2015, then March and June 2016, and June 2017 and here)

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  1. Good on you. NOW take a rest or you will go back 6 months.