Thursday, January 4, 2018

New Year's Favorites Questions

 Bud asked me about our favorites questions today because he wanted to fill them out.  Here we go!

Book/Author:  Every Day, The Fault in Our Stars, Scythe
TV show: Supernatural
Movie: Wonder Woman, Star Wars
Musical: Hamilton  
Color: Teal
Number: 77
Food: Fried Chicken
Flavor: Chocolate
Ice Cream: Vanilla
Candy: Kit KatsAnimals: Horses and Bei Bei the panda
Dessert: Cookies
Drink: Virgin Pina ColadaRestaurant: Takumi
Toy/Thing: Special Prismacolor Colored Pencils
Game: Things to Do: Ride Murphy, Read, Bake
Place to go: Spring Meadow Farm
Job When I Grow Up: Horse Related
·      Bud:
Book/Author: The Mother Tongue: English and How it Got That Way by Bill Bryson
TV show: Doctor Who
Movie: Star Wars The Last Jedi 
Musical: Come From Away 
Song: Not Today
Musician: BTSColor: Blue
Number: 46
Food: Sushi
Flavor: Grape
Ice Cream: Cherry Garcia
Candy: TwixAnimals: Penguin
Dessert: Ice Cream
Drink: Purple Cow
Restaurant: Ola
Game: Super Mario Oddyssey
Things to Do: 
Place to go: 
Job When I Grow Up:
Book/Author:  Outlander series, Maisie Dobbs series, poetry, 
TV show:  "Outlander," "Supernatural," "Elementary," "Arrow," "Supergirl," "Amazing Mrs. Maizel," "Doctor Who"
Movie:  new Beauty and the Beast, Wonder Woman, new Spider Man, Thor: Ragnorak
Musical:  Hamilton, Come From Away, Fun Home, 
Song:  "Tosche Station"!! (kidding; anything from above musicals)
Musician:  Indigo Girls, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Pink, Adele
Color: purple
Number: 12
Food:  fried chicken, pizza, biscuits, Indian buffet esp with gulab jamun and rasmalai
Flavor: almond, orange, 
Animals: cats, pandas, otters, hedgehogs, koalas, manatees
Dessert:  almond fantasy bars, panettone, 
Ice Cream: mint chocolate chip
Candy: dark chocolate, candied orange peels,
Drink: London fog tea, peppermint mocha frappuccino, "Arnold Palmer"
Restaurant: Bloodroot, Indian, breakfast places
Toy/Thing:  smartphone, yarn, 
Game: Mario Kart, Dragonvale, Tenzi, air hockeyThings to Do: Zentangle, crochet, read, listen to music, watch movies and tv,
Place to go: looking forward to Italy, want to return to England; museums, living history
Saying/Words: hope
Job When I Grow Up:  hospice chaplain

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