Saturday, July 23, 2016

Tidbits and Kidbits

We continue our 70s show diet--we watched two episodes of "The Brady Bunch" yesterday and I think that has to be the kids' favorite.  They couldn't comprehend "The Love Boat" and weren't that impressed with "Happy Days."  And "Gilligan's Island" is just ridiculous.  In reserve, we have "Laverne and Shirley," "The Carol Burnett Show," "I Love Lucy," "Lost in Space," "Wonder Woman," and "Batman." I just deleted "CHiPS" and "M.A.S.H."--I don't think they'd enjoy either.  Wish we could find "Land of the Lost."


We took that vocabulary test that has been floating around FB.  I got the top .01%, with a score of 30325 (I think), knowing I missed "avulse," which I now will never forget is a medical term meaning "to tear."  Mama scored in the top 1% or so (I forget.  Well, except I know I beat her.)  And Bud made it in the top 7%, on par with a white-collar professional, it said.  Sis was normal for her age (which I somehow doubt, but she also said she went through it pretty quickly.)  Pretty fun.


Bud is watching me as I type this. And adding his edits.  Especially about Sis's score above.  "What? Don't type that!" he just said.  :)  This might be the last power I have!  Actually, both kids have actually started reading Mommy, Hungry!, which I hadn't expected for many years to come; I'm kinda surprised they're interested.  Maybe we're in the sweet spot when they're interested but not too embarrassed.  Sis started with the first posts back in August 2007 while Bud is reading backwards from the present day.    I guess they'll cross sometime around 2011, in first grade.  It's been fun to reminisce about the old stuff, but now I find myself self-censoring some of the more recent stuff (police shootings, racism, descriptions of giving Mo fluids which Bud hates.)  


Bud and I tried to watch Footloose today.  I think he'd love the music and dancing.  But he couldn't get past all the discussion of sex and dating.  I can't blame him.  And this was PG?  One of the characters even made the hand sign for masturbating!  I guess there was more sex then, just like there's more violence in PG films now.  Also, we didn't have PG-13 then.

Speaking of which, there was a song--can't recall which one--on the radio in the car and Bud commented that it was "inappropriate."  I hadn't heard the lyric--I almost never do--but it was "they always want to come, but they never wanna leave."  And he got it.  Uh oh.  I better start listening.  Funny to watch the beginning of Footloose on the same day--all about music and easy sexuality.  Maybe the preacher in the film was right!  But banning it never does any good . . . and today's music would have just killed him.


I feel like we're living in Captain America:  Civil War.  Or perhaps WWI.  Mo, Albus, and Hermione had staked a claim to our room, but Eris had infiltrated.  They've been going back and forth all day, with the hallway as some kind of battle line.  I have a feeling that Eris will win in the end, though for now she is down here.  

We've been calling Eris "Bumble-cat" because she gets all thick like a fuzzy striped bee when you pet her--and she is striped, too.  And she stings/bites!  Or, when she gets territorial, "Prissy McKitty Kitten."  What is it with pet nicknames?


I hate this heat.  Hate hate hate.  It read 103F in my car today, though I think that was a mis-read from sitting in the sun.  But it was still 96 at 9 pm.  UGH.  I'm dreaming of deep fall--cold, gray, November days.  I daren't dream of snow--we just didn't get much last year.  At least it's snowing in my Dragonvale.


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