Saturday, July 23, 2016

First 24 Hours

We've ended the first day of our bifurcated weekend--Mama and Sis are taking a family sailing workshop while Bud and I stay home.  I haven't gotten many details about their day, only that they did go out on their JY45s this morning--sans smartphone, on purpose--and had a lot of fun.  This evening, they took a cruise around some of the Sound.  Then went swimming!  I'm sure they're exhausted.

Bud and I haven't been quite so busy.  Last night, we went to see the new Ghostbusters.  He had so enjoyed it that he wanted me to see it ASAP.  And I loved it!  More than the original, even.  I thought it was cleverly written, smartly acted, with great references to and appearances by the first Ghostbusters.  I definitely liked Holtzman, his favorite character, with her wacky science and "blowtorch dance."  I also liked Abigail, played by Melissa McCarthy, whom I'd watched way back in "Gilmore Girls."  We spent the rest of the evening discussing it--parallels to the first film, cameos, cool special effects, favorite parts, favorite ghosts, the bonus scenes at the end.  We even practiced the  "handshake!"  We got Chinese on the way home and hung out playing Dragonvale for awhile.  He also played Learn to Fly, which he'd learned about at camp, which ended Friday (he loved it and looks forward to going back for his overnight week soon.)

Today has been quieter, both because of kung fu and the excessive heat.  I ran errands while he was at practice.  We had lunch at Smashburger (note for the future:  he does NOT like truffle oil) and then have been playing computer games and watching "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."  It's the last "Splatfest" on his Splatoon game, probably because they'll introduce Splatoon 2.0.  Still, we're sorry to see it go.  And the game will still be there.

Tomorrow is probably much of the same, especially because it will be just as hot.  But with pie.  I made the crust today and have the cherry filling from Trader Joe's.  Mmm, mmm good.  And we can share it with Mama and Sis (well, she'll eat the crust), when they get home in the afternoon.

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