Saturday, July 9, 2016

Summer Fun: First Full Week

This first like our first full week of summer together, with 4th of July on one end and birthday celebrations on this one; plus, both kids were home in between, unlike last week when Sis was at Camp.  With Bud at camp the next two weeks, then Sis, then them both, it'll be a month or more before we're all home together for a week.

And we did the week up right, I'd say.

  1. Birthday parties for kids--Bud had his birthday party last night.
  2. Meet friends at ice rink--well, we went ice skating but no one came with us.
  3. Have a lemonade stand --we did it for a special ed charity
  4. See Secret Life of Pets--saw it today as part of the kiddos' birthday celebration
We also watched those 70s shows ("Gilligan's Island," "Happy Days," and "Love Boat," with several more set to tape.  For the kids, it was like watching the proverbial train wreck--they thought the shows were horrible, but they couldn't turn them off, especially because they recognized some people (like Broadway star Brian Stokes Mitchell on the "Love Boat"!!!!  Plus "Mr Miyagi" and "Winthrop" in Music Man on "Happy Days." Mama and I were pretty horrified, too--so sexist and cliche, but our childhoods nonetheless--I could sing all the theme songs.  And we've been watching another season of the Great British Bake Off.  I'm hoping it helps get us in the mood for that weekly tea party idea.

The rest of the list . . . .
  1. Party/activity in honor of Aunt Sis
  2. Go swimming at Y with friends
  3. Playgroup Open House idea
  4. Beach trip in city
  5. Look for sea glass at beaches
  6. Create Minecraft server
  7. Play in sprinkler
  8. Go to zoo
  9. Biking
  10. Decorate chalkboard for summer
  11. Learn to cook weekly dinners
  12. Make ice cube candles
  13. Make soap
  14. Learn an ASL sign a day
  15. Create a Zentangle tile-a-day--I'm doing it; they aren't.
  16. Make friendship bread starter and share

  17. Start afternoon tea party tradition
  18. Kite flying
  19. Wash car
  20. See Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  21. Harry Potter and the Curse Child book party (we might have other plans)
  22. Set up tent in backyard
  23. Zentangle classes with Sis and Bud helping--I set the dates!
  24. Gather all the coins in the house and take to Coinstar

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