Friday, August 28, 2015

Summer Fun: Breakfast in Bed

I was treated to breakfast in bed yesterday morning.  The kids had apparently cooked up the scheme the night before, let Mama in on the plan, even had a menu all ready.  And within a few heartbeats of my waking up when two cats had a disagreement, the kids were in my room, ready to go.  Sis had even consented to Bud waking her up early (she is on adolescent time and will easily sleep til after 9 a.m.; he still regularly sees 6:30 a.m.)

Look at this menu:  see the GF options?!  So sweet.  They had carefully recorded all of the things they knew how to prepare and could serve easily for breakfast.  And made notes of what I could have.  With dessert!  Sis was apologetic about the lack of GF sides; she said they'd work on that.  And I loved that ice cream is annotated "only some times.")

In the end, I had a single scrambled egg, some rice puffs, a half-and-half lemonade/iced tea.  Service was prompt and courteous.  Then we all munched on candy while watching tv.

When asked the occasion, they replied, "Because you put up with us all summer!"

I'd do it again, eggs or no.

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