Friday, August 7, 2015

Summer Fun: Bench Bucket List

We've seen them all, all the special art benches in town.

It was a real push there at the end.  Yesterday, we saw five with Gommie and, then, this morning on a whim we ran around to the last six--as we were taking her to the train station to catch her train that would start her journey home!  You should have seen us zipping down Main, running across streets, taking quick pictures (actually, Mommy Goose did see us--and asked if everything was okay!  I didn't think my driving was that noticeable.)

We got to the train station but couldn't find the last one.  We didn't have time to back track; I knew it was near the station, but I'd left my map at home (we only decided at the last minute to do the benches anyway.)  As we pulled up to Gommie's drop off, there it was--the last bench, next to the station building!  Yay, all 20 done.

And to think, they'd seen the first one we saw, the butterfly, being painted on her last visit this spring.

We got pictures of us with all of the benches, but only took some benches sans people--these were usually the ones I liked the best.  Here they are . . . .

Our first bench. I love this one.  Gommie and the kids saw it being painted.

We liked the back of this one.

This looks better in person--it even has faux stones and glittered paint.

Our very last one, at the station.  Not one of my favorites--and it would be odd to sit on the flag.

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