Friday, August 28, 2015

Summer Fun: Beautiful Balloons

Tonight we ventured to the hot air balloon festival north of us.  While I won't sully this post with a long, detailed recitation of the major problems of the festival (complete lack of preparation, not enough of anything, long long long waits and many shortages--most disorganized I've ever seen), we really liked seeing all of the balloons--the one in flight as we arrived, the tethered one going up and down (with its loud and bright propane flame), the inflation and deflation of 10 balloons, and the "glow" when the fire lit the balloon from within.  There were a few rainbow balloons and a pink and a blue one each for Sis and Bud.  Mama, who had dropped us off, didn't get to see much because of traffic and delays.  But it was better than sitting at home.  We also got some great artisanal cookies (a chocolate orange one and even a GF dark chocolate almond one), a 1000-piece balloon puzzle, and a hanging balloon for our porch.

We spotted a balloon as we drove towards the hot air balloon festival.

Sis watches the tethered balloon take riders up and down.

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I couldn't believe these were left just unattended.  People just stepped over them!

I liked all the rainbow balloons, while Sis liked the pink-ish one and Bud the blue-ish one (not inflated yet.)  

They never glowed all at once but were still so pretty.  There were 10 in all (in my mind I think of them as rainbow tethered, rainbow and black stripes, Bud's blue balloon (which says Avery's Beverages on one side, inflating in this pic), "safari" balloon, checkerboard, Sis's pink/magenta balloon, rainbow diamonds balloon, blue and yellow steps, rainbow diagonals, and "Superman" balloon)

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