Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy Birthday, Pop!

Wishing you a wonderful 75th year!

If I could, I'd get you:

  • a liberal Democrat or even a Socialist for president  . . . until I'm 75!
  • the dissolution of gerrymandered districts;
  • the reversal of the SCOTUS decision on Citizens United;
  • a complete reversal of climate change;
  • a huge crackdown on pesticides, chemicals, and other harmful materials (like microbeads) in our food, personal products, and other consumer goods;
  • renewable, sustainable, responsible energy for everyone;
  • strict gun laws and an end to the prison-for-profit system;
  • free college education for everyone . . . and the Dream Act;
  • nationalized healthcare including long-term disability, palliative care, and hospice for everybody;
  • the expansion of the National Park system;
  • computers, DVD players, smartphones, and digital SLR cameras, and other electronics (and systems) that do what you want them to do . . . even if you don't know;
  • calm waters and good fishing;
  • no more mosquitoes; 
  • a futuristic UV blocker bubble anywhere you go;
  • new episodes of "Law & Order," "Downton Abbey," "Frasier," and whatever other show you like;
  • Pino's, down the street;
  • ice cream every night; 
  • and a teleportation system connecting your house and ours.
Well, until that happens (and I'm sure I'm forgetting something), we send all of our love to you!

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  1. We are getting the final of Downton Abbet in 3 weeks time, come over if you like.