Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Gommie's Week: The Beach

I'm not sure how many people think of the beach when they think of Connecticut--almost as if we exist in some kind of permanent New England fall--but we do have them.  Sure, nothing like Rhode Island or the Cape, but still right here, quick and easy access.

So today, we went to the beach.  We took the usual hats, towels, sunscreen, and water; Gommie thought to bring our porch umbrella, which was a great idea.  I remembered my comfy captain's chair.  And off we went!

We intentionally went at low tide because Sis wanted to look in the tidal pools.  No horseshoe crabs this time, though.  But they got a lot of wonderful wading in, especially to and fro on the various sandbars.  And as the tide rose, they could do some swimming.

I was surprised to see four different people I know.  I guess I forget that people go to the beach in the summer, since it was really our first trip there to spend some time (I'd dropped Sis off at a birthday party a month ago, which had given me the idea in the first place.)  One of these friends was very adept with planting beach umbrellas and helped me when mine blew over.  She planted it in the sand and did this press-swivel motion, like stirring a giant cauldron, and it dug quickly into the sand and stayed put despite the strong breeze (the other friend had advised us to wet the hole first--but both of our umbrellas fell over!  I'll stick with this technique.)  She said she learned it from a cute cabana boy in Spain!

It was especially great to have Gommie there because she likes the beach and waded straight into the water and then went back from round two and three.  She marveled at the large seagulls, looked for horseshoe crabs (I think they found a dead one), swam out to the sandbar, and made it more fun than I would have.  Instead, I sat in my chair, with my hat on, under the umbrella, sketching in my notebook.  You can see my sketch in the bottom of the photo.  Midway through the excursion, everyone came back to the shade and we ate from the concession stand--strawberry popsicles, Oreo bars, hot dogs, chicken fingers, and fries.  And, surprisingly, I don't think any of us ate any sand!  That has to be a first.

We stayed for three hours and inherited a left-behind purple shovel.  All in all, a good day at the beach.

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